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Miria Matembe sends clear message to Museveni: Stop using and dumping women


Former ethics and integrity minister Miria Matembe has told President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni to stop using and dumping women, but to rather empower them to steer the country.

Matembe formerly worked with Museveni but fell out with the president over constitutional amendments over 15 years ago.

Ahead of the International Women’s Day celebrations, Matembe urged Museveni to appoint women to positions that matter.

“When you look at government, all the top seven officials in the executive are men. Then go to courts – the Judiciary – the Chief Justice, deputy chief justice, principal judge, etc, are men,” noted Matembe during a recent television show.

“Please, President Museveni I want to tell you to stop using and dumping us women and dumping us there.”

Matembe made it clear that women “want those positions of decision making.”

She further warned women against holding positions in which they world no power.

“Get power like we used to have,” Matembe challenged women, further warning them against alcohol which she said would destroy their careers and marriages.

Matembe has meanwhile warned that no man should come to marry his daughter expecting her to cook for him.

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