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Miria Matembe: No man should come to marry my daughter expecting her to cook for him


Former ethics and integrity minister Miria Matembe has warned men interested in her daughters not to expect them to cook for their husbands.

Matembe says men must stop being afraid of women professionals, but be calm and accept that the women emancipation and equality movement was here to stay.

In her message to women ahead of the International Women’s Day celebeations during a local television show on Friday, Matembe made it clear her daughters would not be there to cook for their husbands since they have careers to pursue.

“No man should marry my daughter expecting her to cook, wash or brush shoes for him,” Matembe warned.

Weeks ago, singer Angella Katatumba sparked off a social media storm after she told Bukedde TV she didn’t need to cook for her man since all she had to do was to make enough money to enable her hire people to work for her.

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