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Minister Otafiire Tells Poor Ugandans to Forget About Heaven

Otafiire. Courtesy Photo

Internal Affairs Minister Maj Gen (Rtd) Kahinda Otafiire has in recent weeks been tackling religious issues head-on.  

On May 14, Minister Otafiire was chief guest as Don Tumusiime, the lead pastor of Bushenyi Town Temple Pentecostal Church in Bushenyi-Ishaka Municipality, held a thanksgiving service celebrating 50 years in ministry.

Here, Otafiire, who is now for making controversial statements about religious matters, criticized bornagain/Pentecostal (balokole) pastors for keeping their flock or followers in poverty while they (the pastors and bishops) accumulate wealth.

“Although pastors pray for people and they get healed, they forget to tell them to go to work. You must work and stop bothering God to give you money because he gave you a brain, hands and legs and they are functioning properly,” preached Otafiire. “It is a shame for Pentecostal Church ministers calling yourselves bishops and other names when a big group of your followers are in poverty. If you are a leader, in a country like Uganda that has all the natural resources and still people cannot afford to have three meals a day, it means there is a big problem, but to my surprise, some of you are proud because you are leading people who are even infected with jiggers.”

Now, at the weekend, Otafiire was it at again, this time telling Christian believers that they will miss heaven if they do not work hard and become rich.

Speaking as chief guest during an event to open a boys’ dormitory at St Klaus Comprehensive Trade School in Bufunjo Village, Kifuka Town Council in Kyenjojo District on Sunday, May 22, Otafiire said poor people make God tired with their lamentations, and that it was for this reason that He would shut them out of heaven so that they can go and lament for eternity in hell.

The minister also talked of the glories of wealth and called on people to use the resources God has blessed them with to escape poverty instead of spending hours and days asking the Creator for money.

“Poor people will not go to heaven because they insult God through their lamentations and by accusing him every day. Why do you disturb God asking him for money all the time yet He gave you hands, eyes, brains, ears, land, and rains, among many other things and resources, which are enough to make you rich and prosperous?” asked Otafiire.  “If you fail to utilize the resources and tools God gave you, do not blame him when you remain poor. You should strive to overcome poverty because being rich is glorious.

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