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Minister Nabakooba: Government to enforce compulsory wearing of face masks


ICT and national guidance minister Judith Nabakooba has revealed that government plans to enforce mandatory wearing of face masks in public places.

According to minister Nabakooba, the Covid19 pandemic remains “the key issue and concern for government” and “should be a major worry for everyone,” especially with Uganda registering four deaths and some community cases so far.

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In a statement, Nabakooba, also Mityana District Woman MP, warned against complacency in the fight against coronavirus disease for which Uganda has recorded over 1,000 cases.

ICT and National Guidance minister Minister Judith Nabakooba

“It is unfortunate that despite the deaths and rising community infections, many people are still failing to [observe] the preventive measures provided by the Ministry of Health ,” noted Nabakooba.

She added that government was “specifically concerned about the situation in Kampala” where people accessing major markets and downtown shops no longer follow preventive guidelines.

The minister called on Ugandans “to stop and reflect on their attitude towards Covid19,” a disease that had claimed thousands of lives worldwide, and devastated the global economy.

As of August 02, Worldometer put the global Covid19 death toll at over 689,400.

“It is the responsibility of everyone to protect themselves and the lives of your beloved ones by doing what the Ministry of Health and His Excellency the president is telling us to do,” emphasized Nabakooba.

She reminded market leaders and arcade administrators to enforce face mask wearing, hand washing and social distance rules.

Nabakooba particularly told arcade operators to stick to the terms agreed on before reopening, including ensuring that there are temperature guns at entrances, and that traders record customers’ details.

Also, with about eight million masks distributed, Nabakooba said “very soon, government will start enforcing the wearing of face masks and there will be no excuses for not having one.”

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