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Minister Agness Nandutu Opens Up on Surviving a Blood Clot in Her Lungs

Minister Agness Nandutu

State Minister for Karamoja Affairs Agness Nandutu has today, Thursday, May 19, returned to Parliament following weeks of absence from the House as she was receiving treatment after she reportedly fell in her bathroom. 

Today, presiding Speaker Anita Annet Among (Bukedea District Woman Representative — NRM) and colleague MPs welcomed Nandutu back and joined her in thanking God for healing her and helping her survive a blood clot that saw her rushed to hospital.

Nandutu, the Bududu District Woman MP, dismissed reports that she slid and fell in her bathroom.

The former NTV Uganda Parliament reporter revealed that she had all of a sudden felt dizzy, and that doctors later found a blood clot in her lungs.

Perhaps aware of how many top government officials and other Ugandans have succumbed to blood clots, the former NTV Uganda Point Blank presenter praised God for saving her life.

“I did not fall in the bath room as speculated, but I just felt dizziness and when I was taken to hospital I was diagnosed with a blood clot in my lungs,” said the junior minister. “I thank God for rescuing my life, I am now very okay.”

She also saluted Health Minister Dr Jane Ruth Aceng (Lira City Woman MP — NRM) for the support she rendered in ensuring that she acquires life-saving treatment and medical care.

A few weeks ago, some social media followers claimed that Nandutu was had breathed her last. But Nandutu recorded a video and shared it online, making it clear that she was alive and well. (Read Story and Watch Video Here).

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