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Minister Agness Nandutu Death Rumors: Here’s the Real Truth (Watch Video)

Agness Nandutu.

State Minister for Karamoja Agness Nandutu has in the past many hours been a subject of social media debate after some people claimed that she had breathed her last. 

Some Ugandans had started typing ‘Rest in Peace’ messages after an unknown person started off a rumor that Nandutu, a former NTV Uganda parliamentary reporter, had died following an accident over a week ago.

Sometime towards the end of April 2022, Nandutu is said to slipped and fallen in her bathroom. She reportedly suffered a blood clot for which she was rushed to a hospital based in Kampala.

But the minister has broken the silence, making it clear that she is not dead as some have claimed. Minister Nandutu, who also represents the Women of Bududa District in the 11th Parliament, said she is alive and serving her motherland in the positions bestowed upon her by her constituents and appointing authority Gen Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni.

And to prove that the message rubbishing the death rumors was not from a ghost, Agness Nandutu recorded a video in which, besides addressing the issue at hand, she sipped at some tea.

The junior minister told those vending rumors that she was dead to leave her alone so that she can serve President Museveni’s government in peace and with enjoyment.

“Who are those spreading lies that I am dead? Countrymen, those who love me don’t cry. I am very much alive and kicking. Those who are spreading rumors, can you let me enjoy my life as I serve this country?” said Nandutu in the video.

This junior minister is not the first government official to be declared dead when alive and well. Last year, some people announced, on social media, that President Museveni was dead yet the head of state and government was alive. (Read Story Here).

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