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Minister Aceng to defend herself in cabinet over ‘regrettable’ Lira incident

Health Minister Dr Jane Aceng will explain herself over the controversial Lira procession when cabinet convenes this week.

Aceng’s clarification on the incidents captured in photos and video has raised more questions

On July 11, ICT and national guidance minister Judith Nabakooba told reporters in Kampala that Aceng’s actions were regrettable.

“As government, we regret the incident because we know very well the guidelines that have been repeatedly announced,” she said in Kampala.

Nabakooba added that government “expected that each and everyone would follow the guidelines.”

Although Aceng issued a statement on the matter on July 12, the issue will likely dominate cabinet discussion.

Previously, Ugandans have praised Minister Aceng for her role in the fight against Covid19 for which Uganda has recorded over 1,000 infections and no death.  

President Yoweri Museveni and his cabinet will task Aceng on the matter since it could undermine government efforts in fighting Covid19.

The incident is already earning criticism for government on the continued closure of places of worship, ban on bodabodas and political meetings.

Aceng recently declared that she would stand as the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) candidate for the Lira Woman MP election in 2021.

Aceng said the people of Lango sub-region had blessed her candidature.

In the video of the procession that surfaced online, her supporters chanted her name and sang her praises in what looked like a political rally.

The minister said the people had become excited to see her and uncontrollable because they even wanted to take pictures with her.

Nabakooba has also warned Ugandans against using the Dr Aceng Lira incident to stop observing social distance and wearing face masks.

“That shouldn’t be an excuse to use doctor as an example to abandon guidelines put in place,” Nabakooba said.

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