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Midland High School Boss Breaks Silence on Video in Which Students Were Filmed ‘Chewing Each Others’ Beans’

Midland High School headteacher FX Kyasa has spoken out on a video showing students ‘dancing themselves’ in the institution’s bus. 

Midland High School boss Kyasa has confirmed that the incident indeed happened on Friday, June 10, 2022. This means that it is not fabricated as some had claimed nor is it from the past as others had alleged.

But Kyasa distanced Midland High School students from the ‘dancing’ that happened inside its school bus, saying the vehicle had been hired by another school and that it was this school’s students that conducted themselves in a manner that has left those who have watched the video.

The headteacher even revealed the name of the school which had hired the bus and whose students were engaged in the acts depicted in the video.

“We, Midland High School, have very unfortunately, been appraised of happening on our school bus hired by another school (LUBIRI HIGH SCHOOL) for an agriculture tour to Jinja today, Friday 10th June 2022. These were not students of our school,” said Kyasa.

He also defended his students’ discipline record and spoke against the ‘dancing’ that Lubiri High School students conducted in the Midland High School bus.

“Midland High School is a school built on a very strong Christian foundation and strongly condemn behaviors of this kind. We very rigorously control our learning and living environment to ensure behaviour of this kind is not given an opportunity to thrive.”

Kyasa also revealed what the school will do to prevent a repeat of such behavior. He also made it clear that the school is not about to stop hiring out its buses to other schools.

“We will support our bus-hire customers to ensure they manage this very unfortunate incident in the most appropriate manner,” he noted.

“Our bus hire services will continue with more rigorous screening of our clients and their on-bus passenger management. We look forward to any feedback to enable us improve our service delivery.”

You can watch the video of high school students ‘dancing and chewing each other’ in the Midland High School bus HERE.

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