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NO WAAKA! Men Who Drink Alcohol Don’t Perform in Bed – Says Speaker Anita Among

Speaker Anita Among

Speaker of Parliament of Uganda Anita Annet Among Magogo has told the country’s MPs and all citizens that alcohol is not good for men when it comes to the issue of their performance in bed! 

Speaker Among’ Magogo’s statement left her ane fellow Members of Parliament laughing on Tuesday, November 08, the day when former minerals minister and Tororo District Woman MP Sarah Opendi gave reasons as to why she should be granted leave to work on her draft bill to regulate the consumption of alcohol in the country.

Through her Alcohol Control Bill 2022, Opendi seeks to give Uganda a detailed and all-encompassing law to curb the impact of over consumption of alcohol.

Her argument is that excessive drinking has negatively affected individuals, families and the nation and should, therefore, be regulated to.

Opendi’s piece of legislation will regulate the manufacture, importation, sale and consumption of alcoholic drinks.

It will also provide clear guidelines on the process of licensing persons trading in alcoholic drinks, revision of drinking hours and limit places where alcohol should be sold.

Opendi also wants tough penalties for people who sell alchol to those under age. She is also seeking clear regulation on tye promotion and advertisement of alcohol and alcoholic drinks.

Speaker Anita Among Magogo is one of the legislators who have already expressed their support for Opendi’s proposed piece of legislation. One of her concerns is that most men who drink have not only abandoned their families but they have also terribly failed to post any great performance in bed!

She and like-minded Members of Parliament feel that regulating alcohol consumption in the country could make men more responsible father’s and husbands, and boost performance in bed.

‘It is a fact that when people drink, they abandon their families. It is also a fact that when you men drink, you even fail to perform,” said Among, throwing the house in laughter.

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