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Mayiga to Bobi Wine, others seeking Mengo support in 2021 elections: Prioritize Buganda issues

Bobi Wine and Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga. Courtesy Photos

Buganda Kingdom Prime Minister Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga has urged voters to support candidates who push for the monarchy’s interests in the 2021 general elections.

On October 21, Katikkiro Mayiga welcomed Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine at Bulange, Mengo in Kampala for a closed door meeting.

Bobi Wine had gone to officially inform Buganda of his intention to run for president in next year’s general elections.

Charles Peter Mayiga with Bobi Wine at Bulange Mengo.
Charles Peter Mayiga with Bobi Wine at Bulange Mengo. Photo: Courtesy/NUP

After the meeting, in which reporters were not allowed, Mayiga reiterated his earlier position that Mengo would support those who make the Buganda question and the kingdom’s aspirations a key election matter.

“As a kingdom, we welcome people of all political opinions, religions and nationalities, but on one condition: that they honour the Kabaka and acknowledge the heritage of the Kingdom of Buganda,” he said.

Mengo’s aspirations include federalism, protection of land and the Kingdom’s borders.

Buganda is an influential kingdom and several politicians are expected to seek its backing. Weeks ago, leaders of the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party met Mayiga at Bulange.

But he insisted Mengo would not openly back any politician or political party.

“Buganda will not back any candidate, but we will support those who have contributed towards the realization of our five key aspirations,” Mayiga told the NRM leaders.

The Katikirro hailed the youthful Bobi Wine and his fellow young people for choosing politics to secure their future.

“If we mind the future – and we must mind the future – we should prepare now for the future is now. It is very crucial that the youth, who constitute 70 per cent of Uganda’s population get involved in leadership matters,” he said.

But he challenged Bobi and his People Power members to embrace politics of issues and popularize their manifestos instead of resorting to violence.

“How do you plan to deal with the Buganda question? How are you going to handle Buganda’s five aspirations? I think these are the kinds of questions for which aspiring youthful leader must provide answers,” he noted.

“If it is the rule of law, what proposals do they have for the police and courts of law, and the conduct of security forces? If challenges rotate around governance, how are civil servants going to be motivated, how will you stop wastage of government resources and end corruption?”

After the meeting, Bobi Wine said “we had very fruitful deliberations,” then waxed lyrical about his supposed love and respect for culture.

“For the longest time I was known as ‘Omubanda wa Kabaka’ because of the deep respect I have for tradition and culture, and it is always such a pleasure for me to visit the Kingdom,” he said.

“I encourage all Ugandans, especially the young generation, to always find pleasure in our respective cultures and traditions as the foundation of our society.”

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