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Martha Kay’s ‘Blind Date’ excites first son Kainerugaba

First son Muhoozi Kainerugaba and Martha Kay. Courtesy Photos

First son Lt Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba has sung praises for comedienne and actress Martha Kagimba aka Martha Kay over the ‘Blind Date’ short film.

The short film features Martha Kay and Michael Wawuyo.

Lt Gen Kainerugaba said the ‘Blind Date’ had shown him the potential bin Uganda’s film industry.

He called for support to the industry.

“Fellow Ugandans please watch this short movie by Loukman and Martha K. I’m impressed by the quality of the Ugandan film industry,” said the first son.

“It is growing steadily and I think we’re the only country in Africa that has the power to re-imagine Africa and Africans. Plz support our movie industry.”

Although Martha Kay welcomed the SFC commandant’s endorsement with open hands, ‘Blind Date’ director Loukman Ali was afraid of the politics.

“I hope this doesn’t turn political on my ass 😅, Me I just want to make movies banange,” said Loukman.

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