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Marry Machines if you Don’t Trust Women: Vocal Ugandan Priest Tells Off Men Running for DNA Tests

DNA test

The DNA tests crisis in Uganda is deepening by day. And a very vocal Catholic priest has weighed in on the debate and given views that some people may find rather unsettling.

Rev Fr Charles Lwanga Makoboza, the Assistant Chaplain of St Augustine Chapel Makerere, is known for peppering his sermons with some humor, sometimes leaving parishioners rolling on the ground.

The situation was not any different during mass on Sunday, July 02, 2023, when Fr Makoboza broached the issue of DNA tests.

The Catholic priest opined that there is no need for DNA tests since they show that the men rushing for them do not trust their wives and mothers of their children.

He went on to say that he finds it ironical that men trust machines more than their wives.

“To all the men who want to go for DNA tests, please marry machines if you don’t trust your wives,” Makoboza said.

Rev Fr Charles Lwanga Makoboza

The women in the chapel gave him a thunderous applause for his statement, which sounded like a defence of the female gender.

But some men looked like they were not humored. As the women ululated, some men stayed silent, perhaps not wanting to betray their displeasure at the priest’s statement.

In recent days, wealthy men have been left in shock over DNA tests. A city tycoon was left in tears after DNA tests indicated that 11 of the children he called were not his biological ones. Another rich Ugandan man working in Europe was shocked after DNA results in three countries confirmed that he was not the biological father of all his six children. (See Details Here, There and Over There).

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