What retrieved footage reveals about Tegu mob incident

Killed Makerere student Emmanuel Tegu. Courtesy Photo

Part of the CCTV footage obtained from Makerere University’s St Augustine Chapel shows Emmanuel Tegu and security personnel in a chase.

On Wednesday, police blocked reporters from accessing the CCTV control room as they extracted the footage.

They also refused to grant church chaplain Fr Josephat Ddungu’s request to have the recording released to the media and the public.

Ddungu said he was tired of answering calls from the media and concerned people wanting to know the content in the footage.

Police argued releasing the footage would affect investigations. They referred reporters to Fred Enanga, the force’s mouthpiece.

But students’ guild president Julius Kateregga who had access to the footage revealed what the cameras captured.

He said the available recording was captured at the church not at the Students Centre.

“It shows the policemen charging towards him [Tegu] first. Then he comes back, disperses them, then runs after one,” he said.

“They tried to chase him away, he does not fight them but he charges towards them and then he runs away.”

From Kateregga’s narration, there were two encounters between the security officers and Tegu.

In the first, “they shoot and run after him and he runs away.”

“Then the security personnel gather and they start briefing themselves. We don’t know what happened next.”

Kateregga also said the footage shows Tegu returning minutes later. 

“He comes back the second time and disperses them and he runs after one and they run in different directions,” he further narrated.

“We don’t know what happened after there.”

The guild leader also confirmed the footage shows Tegu half-naked.

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