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LWASA VIDEO: Tycoon Lwasa Reveals How Video Showing Him Licking ‘Bakuli’ Leaked as Police Starts Investigating Him

Tycoon Lwasa

Tycoon Emmanuel Lwasa has narrated how a video in which he was recorded licking a ‘bakuli of beans’ leaked online, making him trend and leaving Ugandans discussing his skills in spreading happiness.

Some of the biggest questions on people’s minds included: ‘who recorded the video? why did he or she record the video? and who leaked the video?

According to Lwasa, he is not used to putting passwords or patterns in his smart phones, and therefore, those close to him can access whatever is in the phone. This also means that his lover(s) and friends can use his device to make recordings and take pictures.

“She [my lover] later sent them to me and I asked her ‘why did you record these things and why are you sending them to me?'” Lwasa recently told Sanyuka TV.

“My phone does not have a lock. Any person can use it.”

He also revealed that the video currently trending online is an old one, recorded some few months or even years ago in the heat of excitement.

From what the controversial businessman says, it seems it was his lover that recorded the video. But it’s not clear from whose device it leaked.

Meanwhile, Uganda Police Force (UPF) spokesperson Fred Enanga has revealed that police has started investigating the video to ascertain the identities of the man and woman in the video even when some people on social media are pointing to a ‘certain businessman.’

Enanga advised lovers to remain responsible even as they enjoy themselves, recording videos and throwing them online.

After the video leaked online, Lwasa first denied that he was the man in the video. This is the same excuse he had given in a previous leak that exposed his small ‘cassava. But he has since come out to finally accept that he is the man in the latest video that shows a man ‘licking the bakuli of beans.’ (Read Story Here).

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