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LWASA VIDEO: Drama as Tycoon Lwasa’s Children Chase Their Step-Mother Out of Father’s House Over Leaked Video

Angel Candy Kwankunda, former wife to tycoon Emmanuel Lwasa. Courtesy Photo

There is trouble in Angel Kwakunda’s paradise after her step-children (her husband’s kids) threw her out their father’s house over a leaked video showing a man believed be tycoon Emmanuel Lwasa licking a woman’s ‘bakuli of beans.’

Although the love relationship and ‘marriage’ between Lwasa and Angel seemed to have ended in tears some time in March 2022 after a karaoke singer popularly known as Kalibatanya entered into the businessman’s life, the Masaka tycoon is said to have reconciled with Angel.

When the socialite couple broke up months ago, Lwasa accused Angel of, among other allegations, stealing his money, estimated to be in tens of millions of Uganda Shillings.

After months of separation, Angel decided to return to Lwasa. However, days ago, a video showing the tycoon licking another woman’s ‘bakuli of beans’ surfaced online.

Lwasa has since admitted that he is the man licking the mysterious woman’s bakuli in the leaked video. (Read Story Here).

Now, it has emerged that Lwasa’s children have chased Angel from their father’s house, accusing her of reportedly leaking the video.

Angel is said to be currently in tears but vowing to fight back and teach Lwasa’s ‘bigheaded’ children a lesson they will never forget for humiliating her by locking her out of her man’s house in Bulaga along Mityana Road.

Burning with anger, Lwasa’s children reportedly denied Angel access to house, refusing to allow her to enter the gate. There was also dramatic scenes as the kids threw Angel’s clothes and other belongings outside the house.

The children even went as far as alleging that Angel was bewitching them on top of embarrassing their father by leaking a video in which he is shown licking a woman’s’bakuli of beans’ – and later exposing his small cassava stem.

Police has since intervened in this matter after the children filed a case against Angel at Bulaga Police Post. Lwasa’s lover is said to have accused her step-children of stealing millions of money from her.

Meanwhile, Lwasa has revealed how the video of him licking a certain woman’s ‘bakuli of beans’ leaked, as police starts investigating him over the same video. (Read Story Here).

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