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Lukwago: What Norbert Mao Signed with Museveni is a SALES AGREEMENT

Erias Lukwago and Minister Norbert Mao

Kampala Lord Mayor and People’s Front for Transition (PFT Red Card) deputy chairperson Erias Lukwago has punched holes into a cooperation agreement signed between ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) national chairman President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni and Democratic Party (DP) President General Norbert Mao.

On July 20, Museveni and Mao signed a cooperation agreement at State House Entebbe, with the view of working together for the good of the country. Hours later, on July 22, Museveni announced that he had appointed Mao the new Justice and Constitutional Affairs Minister.

The DP leader has since been vetted and approved by the Appointments Committee of Parliament of Uganda and now awaits his inauguration ceremony during which he will take oath of office.

But Lukwago, currently a member of the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) and a former member of the DP, says what Mao and Museveni signed on Wednesday was a ‘sales agreement’ and not a cooperation agreement.

“We should not call what Nobert Mao signed with NRM a cooperation agreement but rather a sale agreement,” said Lukwago during a July 23 morning show on a local television station.

Mao argued that Mao did not sign the agreement in the interest of Democratic Party and its members, but rather for his selfish gain. He went on to note that, according to him, the cooperation agreement that Mao signed with NRM is not intended to guide the sharing of power between DP and NRM nor to strengthen the Democratic Party but to rather weaken the opposition and help Museveni tighten his grip over the country.

You can read the full cooperation agreement between Norbert Mao and President Museveni HERE

Mao has also refused to resign his job as DP President. (Read Story Here).

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