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LoP Mathias Mpuuga Makes it Clear: Bobi Wine Cannot Force His Orders on Me; I’m an Adult

Mathias Mpuuga

Mathias Mpuuga Nsamba, the Leader of Opposition in Uganda’s 11th Parliament, has made it clear that there is no crisis at the National Unity Platform (NUP) over the new constitution, and that people should stop thinking that party leader Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu, the singer and youthful politician, forces him to do things he disagrees with.  

Mpuuga has in recent days been in the news over his views on the new party constitution, which among other things, details amendments on term limits for NUP flag bearers. The amendment was reached in a party delegates conference held at Makerere Kavule where a new multi-billion head office will be built. The term limits will affect positions such as president, secretary general, MPs and councilors who will not serve beyond two terms.

While this limit will become effective starting with the 2026-2031 term of office, Mpuuga has vehemently opposed it, warning Kyagulanyi and others pushing for the same that if implemented, the proposal will leave a number of politicians with no option but to join other parties or contest as independent candidates after serving their two terms.

In Mpuuga’s view, since an MP, councilor or even mayor does not have powers to make a final decision on a number of issues, they should be excused from the term limits. He believes that proponents of this amendment assumed that overstaying in power or occupying an office for so long is necessarily for one’s career and the country’s politics. He gave the proposal a benefit of doubt, telling those pushing for it and the ones against it to wait and see how its results will look like.

Mpuuga’s views were interpreted to mean that there was some sort of rift between him and Bobi Wine, and that NUP was in a crisis. But Mpuuga has this morning told NBS Morning Breeze that while he engages with Bobi Wine on a number of occasions, the party president never dictates to him what to do “because he knows he can’t dictate to an adult.”

He admitted that there are instances when his discussions with the politician from Magere end in disagreements but they settle for some sort of “common position” they are both convinced is good for both NUP and for the progress of the country.

“It’s okay to disagree on the manner in which to get things done so that eventually, the extreme positions are harmonized for the common good. This should happen in any organization,” he said.

“If you have a view and it is not taken up, that does not render the party as being in crisis unless someone outside the realms of the party wants it to be in a crisis. I have no crisis in my mind. The party must move on.”

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