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LIST: Top 25 Most Highly Paid Government Employees Named (See How Much they Earn)

President Museveni
First Published: September 19, 2022 8:54 pm | First Updated on July 05, 2023

An analysis of the 2022-2023 Financial Year government salary structure shows Uganda’s most paid government employees, men and women who earn over Shs17m every month, more than millions of Ugandans can each manage to earn every year. 

The list does not include cabinet ministers, MPs and executive directors of departments and government agencies, some of whom earn even more.

According to the public service salary structure for this year, Inspector General of Government (IGG) Beti Olive Namisango Kamya Turwomwe is the most paid public servant.

Every month, Kamya, a former minister and opposition presidential candidate, smiles to the bank for her Shs37m every month or about Shs450m every year!

Auditor General John Muwanga follows with Shs36.1m every month.

Here is the full list of most paid government employees, according to the 2022-2023 Financial Year:

  1. Inspector General of Government (IGG) – Shs 37 million
  2. Auditor General – Shs 36.1 million
  3. Deputy Inspector General of Government (D-1GG) – Shs 32 million
  4. Chief Justice – Shs 26.5 million
  5. Deputy Chief Justice – Shs 25 million
  6. Principal Judge – Shs 24 million
  7. Justice of the Supreme Court – Shs 23.5 million
  8. Justice of the Court of Appeal – Shs 23 million
  9. Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) – Shs 22.5 million
  10. Judge of the High Court – Shs 22.5 million
  11. Executive Director (Aviation/Presidential Crew) – Shs 22.5 million
  12. Chief Engineer (Aviation) – Shs 21.6 million
  13. Chief Pilot – Shs 21.6 million
  14. Chairperson of National Commission – Shs 21.2 million
  15. Captain (Aviation) – Shs 20.25 million
  16. Chief Registrar (Judiciary) – Shs 20 million
  17. Deputy Chairperson of Government National Commission – Shs 20 million
  18. Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions (D-DPP) – Shs 20 million
  19. First Officer (Aviation) – Shs 20 million
  20. Pilot – Shs 20 million
  21. Vice Chancellor of a Public University – Shs 20 million
  22. Member of a National Commission – Shs 19.2 million
  23. Head of Public Service – Shs 17.6 million
  24. Deputy Vice Chancellor of a Public University – Shs 17.4 million

You can see full salary structure for the 2022-2023 Financial Year HERE.

Meanwhile, a number of government employees who got a salary enhancement, such as secondary school science teachers, have not received their increased pay for about two months. (Read Story Here).

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