LIST: Here are Uganda’s Most Expensive Secondary Schools (See How Much Each Senior One Student Will Pay)

St Mary's SS Kitende is one of Uganda's most expensive secondary schools

Ugandan secondary schools will officially open their doors for students joining Senior One for the first term of the 2023 Academic Year. But a number of top secondary schools have hiked their school fees, leaving some parents with no option but to opt for those charging fees within their means. 

Parents who cannot afford paying money above Shs1m every term will not send their children to any of these expensive schools. The most expensive ones are those charging Shs3m and above for each Senior One student.

While most parents associate these schools with better grades (good performance), there are a number of schools charging way below this amount yet providing good quality education.

School Fees (Ug Shs)
St Mary’s SS Kitende 3,300,000
Uganda Martyrs SS Namugongo 3,155,000
Nabisunsa Girls SS 3,000,000
Trinity College Nabbingo 2,800,000
Kawempe Muslim SS 2,680,000
Gayaza High School 2,600,000
King’s College Budo 2,553,000
Makerere College School 2,504,000
Seeta High School 2,500,000
Namirembe Hillside High School, Gayaza 2,500,000
Mt St Mary’s Namagunga 2,480,000
St Joseph SS Naggalama 2,350,000
St Henry’s College Kitovu 2,170,000
Gombe SSS 2,100,000
Ntare School 2,020,000
Buddo SS 1,900,000
Iganga SS 1,800,000
St Elizabeth SS Nkoowe 1,720,000
Maryhill High School 1,700,000
St Lawrence Academy 1,700,000
St Lawrence SS Sonde Namugongo 1,683,000
Madinah Islamic Secondary School Nsangi 1,580,000
St Lucia Hill School Namagoma 1,550,000
St Michael High School Mukono 1,540,000
St Mark’s College Namagoma 1,500,000
St Peters Nsambya SS 1,500,000
Greenlight Islamic School Nansana 1,295,000
Masaka Secondary School 1,243,000
Aidan College Ndejje Namasuba 1,230,000
Munta Royal College Bombo 1,220,000
Kyadondo SSS Matugga 1,150,000
Royal Giant High School Mityana 1,090,000
Sacred Heart SS Mushanga – Sheema 1,070,000
Salaam Muslim HS Ndese Mukono 1,070,000
Mityana Modern Secondary School 1,070,000
Mugwanya Summit College Kyengera 1,060,000


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