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Link Bus Company Operations Suspended after Nasty Fort Portal Accident

The wreckage of the Link Bus involved in an accident in Fort Portal on May 04

The Ministry of Works and Transport has suspended operations of Link Bus Company following a fatal accident in Fort Portal.

On May 04, at least 20 people died in an accident involving a Link Bus Company. (Read Story Here).

On the same day, another accident claimed the lives of six people. (Read Story Here).

Now, Works and Transport Minister Gen Edward Katumba Wamala has announced a two-week suspension for all Link Buses.

“We have suspended the operations of Link Buses for a period of two weeks as we are carrying out an assessment of all his fleet plus the drivers to identify if there is something wrong with the fleet management,” said Minister Gen Katumba Wamala.

Junior works and transport minister Musa Ecweru said the ministry will review enforcement of regulations and make bus company managers understand the need to prioritize safety.

“We will conduct an investigation to ascertain whether it is regulation which isn’t adequate or is it enforcement or is it sensitization that is lacking,” said Ecweru.

“We need to have discussions with bus company managers to have them appreciate that they have an obligation to safeguard the lives of their passengers.”

Meanwhile, MPs have called for enforcement of the policy on speed governors for all taxis and buses. (Read Story Here).

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