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Leave my son alone or I’ll beat sense into your head: Tamale Mirundi warns Don Zella, claims socialite will bring misfortune to his family

Tamale Mirundi with a hammer; his son Junior kissing socialite Don Zella. Courtesy Photos

Motormouthed political commentator Joseph Tamale Mirundi has vowed to pump sense into socialite Don Zella’s head if she doesn’t stop seeing his son Tamale Mirundi Junior.

Days ago, photos of Tamale Mirundi Junior and Don Zella’s Public Display of Affection (PDA) emerged online.

The 36-year-old Don Zella and the 23-year-old Tamale Mirundi junior kissed passionately during a Ddembe FM radio show.

Mirundi senior’s initial response was ‘did you want my son to kiss a goat?”

Junior said there was nothing much between him and the socialite and that they had not had sex.

That the kissing was “out of excitement.”

But when Mirundi and his son appeared on Kasuku Live Vlog, the former Museveni press secretary swore he would not allow Don Zella, whose nude photos and videos were splashed all over the internet to keep seeing his son.

Socialite Don Zella kissing Tamale Mirundi Junior
Socialite Don Zella kissing Tamale Mirundi Junior. Courtesy Photo

Mirundi made it clear he would protect his son from Don Zella because a continued relationship would bring shame and bad luck to the family.

“He needs protection. He will not bring such fraudsters. After showing her nakedness on the internet, she has extended misfortune to our family,” Mirundi told Kasuku.

“If I ever set her my hands on her, you woman should never come around here! If she ever comes around please tell me, I will flog her! Leave my son alone.

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