LAST WARNING! Museveni tells assassins ‘you’re jiggers and we’ll kill you!’

Museveni with a gun

Uganda’s President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni has labelled assasins and terrorists ‘jiggers’ who will be killed if they don’t surrender.

Speaking in Kampala on July 08 at a mini swearing-in ceremony for at least 15 ministers, Museveni made it clear serial killers had called for trouble and they would have it.

“And terrorists, I am warning you, don’t run. If we come, surrender! If you try to run, you are dead. You have been looking for trouble but now you are going to get it. You have been killing our people, but now you are going to die. Your only way out is to surrender,” said Museveni.

“We are going to intensify these technological means like putting digital monitors in every car and piki piki, if you try to remove them, we will see you and go after you.”

The president vowed to crush urban terrorism that has caused fear among the population in recent years, the same way his NRM government dealt with LRA, ADF rebels and cattle rustlers.

“They started a method of assassinations. They started with Sheiks who didn’t agree with them, Kagezi who was prosecuting them and other people. They were using three things; concealment, large numbers of people and fast moving by boda bodas. I pointed out all these in Parliament – urban based terrorism and measures to defeat it,” he explained.

He rooted for street cameras, digital monitoring of vehicles and enhanced security intelligence as ways of arresting the criminals he compared to jiggers.

“These criminals are like jiggers. A few times, that jiggers entered my feet.. you would feel the whole foot itching. If not wise, you cut off whole foot. But I would look for the eye of the jigger where it is, then go for the eye and push and get it out and burn it. I told police. look for the jigger, don’t cut the foot,” continued Museveni.

Museveni assured the nation the killers of works and transport minister Gen Edward Katumba Wamala’s daughter Brenda Nantongo and driver Haruna Kayondo would be brought to book.

“We now went for them. They had covered themselves thinking they were clever. Our people were able to use cameras. They were able to identify some of the people and when we got hold of those, they told us the others. We have broken that group. Three of them were killed trying to fight the police. The others are going to be charged in the courts of law. Others are on the run but we shall get them,” the president told newly sworn in ministers.

Museveni further revealed killers of Suzan Magara had used ransom money to buy land in Mukono and Buikwe and to finance terrorist activities, according to available intelligence reports.

Tears in court as suspected Katumba Wamala daughter, driver killers display torture wounds

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