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KUNGA PROTESTS: Security Detains Over 40 Youths for Burning Tyres, Blocking Roads & Plotting to Remove Government

A police officers attempts to put out fire in Jinja City protests on July 25. Photo: Daily Monitor

Ugandan security agencies have detained over 40 people, mostly youths, for burning tyres and blocking roads as part of kunga protests in the City of Jinja and surrounding areas. 

The protests, which security agencies believe are part of a larger plot to remove government, have been sparked by the rising commodity prices and high cost of living.

According to records attributed to Kiira Regional Policing Area, at least 41 youths have been arrested and detained for taking part in the protests that rocked Jinja City on Monday, July 26, the day police and other security agencies expected a three-day stay-at-home protest to begin according to intelligence reports that had been gathered.

The suspects, who were nabbed from Jinja City highway points, Kakira Town Council and Buwenge Town Council, among other protest hotspots, are said to be held at several police stations in the Kiira Policing Area.

On July 25, Kiira Regional Police Spokesperson James Mubi told reporters that the 41 suspected protesters had taken part in setting fire on old tyres and blocking traffic by putting logs on the Jinja-Kamuli Highway as well as the Jinja-Iganga Highway.

Mubi also accused the angry protesters of launching attacks at bodaboda riders, drivers and passengers. That those attacked refused to stay at home or to take part in the protests.

The police publicist also claimed that the protesters used the chaos to rob other people, block traffic, cause malicious damage and economic sabotage as well engage in unlawful assemblies.

The suspects are expected to be arraigned in courts of law where they will face charges such as inciting violence, being a public nuisance and engaging in robbery, among others.

On Sunday, security agencies revealed they had received intelligence reports that some people were plotting to remove Museveni government through a stay-home campaign and later protests against high commodity prices. (Read Story Here).

Hours later, main opposition NUP party of Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine opened up on reports that its official had asked Ugandans to shun the protests. (Read Story Here).

On Monday, tear gas and bullets rocked Jinja City as security officers engaged in running battles with angry youth protesting under the Kunga campaign. (Read Story Here).

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