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THE KOBOKO KISS: Minister Anite-Husband Kajik Kiss Shocks Nation 


Even when her boss Gen Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni has publicly blasted those engaged in Public Display of Affection (PDA) and kissing, a female minister in cabinet has defied such advice from the fountain of honor and continued displaying affection for her husband. 

See, Museveni has insisted that the mouth should be restricted to eating and not engaged in giving pleasure to one’s partner. He personally detests excessive PDA and will only hold his wife Janet Kataaha Museveni’s hand in public where some leaders, especially those in the West, would kiss the first ladies. 

An enthusiastic teacher, it seems Museveni does not have ardent learners in his cabinet members. At least Evelyn Anite, the junior minister in charge of investment and privatisation is not one of those ministers taking Museveni’s teachings on kissing in public and other PDA seriously. 

Anite and her husband, former RDC and ex-parliamentary candidate Allan Kajik, are passionate about their union, love and marriage. And they seem to want the whole world to know about this. 

With the financial stability that comes with being a minister and running several multi-billion investments, they have been going for dates and trips in and out of the country.

And Anite has always made sure that her social media following knows about her seemingly blossoming love with Kajik. 

But when a photo showing Anite and Kajik passionately kissing recently made its way on social media, some at first thought it was leaked by a hacker while others thought it was photoshop. 

Both were wrong! A government minister had found it prudent to share a photo depicting her and her husband kissing in a largely conservative country. And people have been reacting to this photo, with some saying this was uncalled for while others defended her right to show the world how much she and Kajik are in love. 

Anite is not new to such controversy, months ago she told off some Ugandans who attacked her for not having nyash, making it clear to them that all she needed was a hole. (See Details Here). 

Another former Museveni minister, who is an elderly professor now, has previously revealed his love for boobs, leaving many shocked by his confession. (Read Story and Watch Video Here). 

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