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KEEP YOUR ‘MBUZI’ OSIRIKE! Ugandan Virgins to Reap Big as Archbishop Kazimba Promises Them Juicy Prizes

Proud Virgin inscription, and Archbishop Stephen Samuel Kazimba Mugalu

A few years ago, some Ugandans were shocked when a former minister in Museveni’s government boldly began a contest for curvy women. But now such Ugandans to soon be shocked by yet another proposal: a contest that will reward virgins. 

The virginity contest is being proposed by the Anglican Archbishop of the Church of Uganda (CoU) Samuel Stephen Kaziimba Mugalu. Archbishop Kazimba Mugalu reportedly wants the Anglican Church to reward girls who keep themselves pure until marriage.

Kazimba is said to have announced the ‘Virgins Contest’ at Gayaza High School where the man of God was delivering his speech in a pastoral visit to education institutions in the District of Wakiso. The pastoral visit is said to be part of the activities that will lead to the celebrations marking 50 years since the establishment of the Anglican Diocese of Kampala.

Kazimba’s spokesperson Sadiiki Adams, who is the Provincial Communications Officer at the Anglican Church of Uganda, has been quoted as saying that the servant of God wants to use the Virginity Contest to encourage Christians intending to get married to remain pure until they have said their marriage vows as well as avoid ‘chewing things’ during the period of dating and that of courtship.

Adams has also revealed to KFM, a Kampala-based radio station owned by the Nation Media Group (NMG), that Kazimba has already secured a good amount of money that he will give out as prizes to the girls who will keep themselves pure until their wedding nights.

The Archbishop’s spokesperson has also been quoted as saying that Kazimba has already instituted an examination board of some sorts, comprising very experienced and honest church women, to conduct the huge task of assessing whether those seeking to get the Kazimba Prize of Virginity pass the test (we hope there will not be appeals against this examination board’s judgement).

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