Katureebe reveals how he will spend his time after retirement

Out: Bart Katureebe hands over Chief Justice Office.

Chief Justice Bart Magunda Katureebe has announced his retirement from office after serving for five years.

A statement from the Judiciary said Katureebe would officially hand over office to his deputy Alfonse Owiny-Dollo who will serve in acting capacity until President Museveni picks a substantive successor.

Owiny-Dollo is on the list of names the Judicial Service Commission sent to Museveni for possible appointment.

The others are Justices Esther Mayambala Kisakye and Richard Buteera.

Replacing Benjamin Odoki in 2015, Katureebe clocked the mandatory retirement age of 70 on June 20.

But he will use a three-month extension to complete his assignments in the Supreme Court.

On his achievements, Katureebe said he was “very happy with where we have reached” because “nearly everything of mine has clicked.”  

“The Electronic Case Management System is on course. The construction of the Appellate Courts is on course – that’s my achievement,” he added.

“The Administration of the Judiciary Bill, which was passed by Parliament, was assented to by the President.”

He was also proud of the improvement in the welfare of judicial officers.

“The terms and conditions of judicial officers have improved and now put in law, so it’s no longer ex gratia (paid at will). Judicial officers now have retirement benefits,” he continued.

“When I joined the Judiciary in 2005, judges were getting Shs5m. They are now getting an average of Shs25m per month.”

On his retirement after 36 years of working in all the three arms of government, Katureebe said he would be coming to Kampala as a visitor after leaving office.

Besides completing his books, Katureebe previously said he would retire into farming.

He added that he would spend the coming months working on his book whose manuscript he expects to be ready by December.

Besides completing his books, Katureebe previously said he would retire into farming.

He is entitled to a monthly allowance, a house, a car and other benefits worth hundreds of millions of Uganda Shillings.

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