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Katikkiro Mayiga: Mengo won’t back any candidate or party in 2021 elections

Buganda Kingdom Prime Minister Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga has once again emphasized that Mengo will not rally behind any candidate or political party in 2021 elections.

An influential monarchy in Uganda’s politics, Buganda’s support is key for any politician, especially those seeking the presidency as well as political parties seeking support for their flag bearers.

But Mayiga told members of the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) who visited him at Bulange, Mengo in the capital Kampala that the Kingdom would only support those who pushed through its interests.

“Buganda will not back any candidate, but we will support those who have contributed towards the realization of our five key aspirations,” Mayiga told the NRM leaders.

The aspirations include: Federalism, production and protection of land and the Kingdom’s borders.

Mayiga’s guests included junior tourism minister and NRM vice chairperson for Buganda Godfrey Suubi Kiwanda, NRM and government chief Ruth Nankabirwa and former regional parliament East Africa Legislative Assembly (Eala) speaker Margaret Nantongo Zziwa.

In May 2020, Mayiga told Kingdom loyalists that Mengo would not back youthful Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine in his 2021 presidential bid – even when he is a Muganda by tribe.

Taking sides in politics, he explained, would divide the Kabaka’s people.

“I am not going to endorse NRM, FDC, People Power, or any other party. If I endorse DP, how am I going to deal with those of NRM yet they are all subjects of the Kabaka. If for example I endorse People Power and Honourable Kyagulanyi, how do I deal with other people some of whom are my friends?” he told Urban TV.

He explained that the only way Mengo would back Kyagulanyi was if he committed to support Buganda’s aspirations.

“We have our interests as Buganda that are permanent and summarised in Ensonga Ssemasonga Ettaano (the five aspirations). My job is to bring everyone together. Let a politician who wants our support say that they support Buganda’s aspirations. Let MP Robert Kyagulanyi, the People Power leader stand up and say ‘I support the five aspirations,” Mayiga said.

Earlier in the same month, Mayiga, in his media tour as he commemorated seven years as kingdom premier, told NTV Uganda that time for a Muganda to be president would come.

He also said the presidency wasn’t about tribes but competence.

“Every country has its own political dynamics. [Former President Godfrey] Binaisa was a joker. The time for a Muganda to be president will come. Uganda having one President for over 30 years has nothing to do with Buganda Kingdom,” noted Mayiga.

“The issue is not about having a Muganda at the helm of politics in this country; it has also everything to do with competency to adequately execute the oath of office.”

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