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Kasule Lumumba breaks silence on claims that she stole Shs50bn NRM campaign money before going into Covid19 quarantine

Ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) secretary general Justine Kasule Lumumba has spoken out on allegations that she embezzled about Shs50bn party campaign money before self-quarantining over Covid19.

The reports spread last week, prompting Lumumba to join the party’s weekly presser on the 2021 elections in Kampala on December 13.

Lumumba seems to have recovered from Covid19 in just one week – some observers claim could be miraculous while her critics claim she had feigned a Covid19 positive test to find an excuse not to answer accountability questions.

Lumumba suggested the source of allegations was from within the party, revealing that some of her bosses and other top officials were not happy with the manner in which the funds for mobilization activities were transferred.

“I know the new normal has hurt, right from some of them who are my bosses who used to do that. But we must manage,” she said.

“We decided to use accounts and we are going to go by those; so, whoever is not happy with it, sorry. But these are institutional funds, not individual funds.”

The secretary general denied stealing campaign money.

“There is nobody who has taken anybody’s money. There is a procedure which is followed, even if money is taken to the bank, there is a procedure that must be followed and documents are available,” she defended herself.

“These are not personal issues. Funds are [transferred] after a discussion by the authorities that are in charge, then released to the secretary general and managed by the national treasury.”

NRM secretary general Justine Kasule Lumumba
NRM secretary general Justine Kasule Lumumba

But she insisted she would not mention the people she suspects of trading the accusations to tarnish her image.

Her statements suggested some of them are candidates in 2021 elections.

She dared them to present evidence that she embezzled the money.

“For me, with my upbringing, a leader is a leader; I am not supposed to name and shame, over what? No, they have already ashamed themselves because they have failed to produce any evidence,” Lumumba continued.

“They are just pushing for they would think would tarnish Lumumba, not knowing they are also jeopardizing their own victory because it is also demotivating the people who are also campaigning for them in their own villages.”

She was concerned “the allegations going on are meant to demotivate the people who are campaigning for the flag bearers, the people who are mobilizing for the party.”

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