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KARAMOJA IRON SHEETS SAGA: Kadaga Confesses, Reveals How She Used Iron Sheets


Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of East African Affairs Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga has admitted that she received iron sheets from the Government of Uganda but denied any wrongdoing as the Karamoja iron sheets scandal rages on. 

Kadaga, who is also the Kamuli District Woman MP, was one of the top ministers and other top politicians who received the iron sheets which were reportedly meant for Karamoja Sub Region.

The ministers and other politicians who received these iron sheets have argued that they, too, had great need for the iron sheets in their constituencies and, therefore, badly needed these and other relief items.

That based on this need, they requested the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) for relief items and were asked to pick the same when they were available.

The list of the beneficiary ministers came to light after relatives, including the mother, of Mary Goretti Kitutu, the Minister of Karamoja Affairs, were arrested for reportedly selling relief items. (See Details Here).

Now Kadaga has confirmed that she indeed asked the Office of the Prime Minister for iron sheets which she used to repair health facilities and schools in Kamuli District.

“This is to confirm that I requested for and received 250 iron sheets from the 0ffice of the Prime Minster to facilitate repair of the Facilities at Buzaaya Health sub district ,Health Centre II , located at Buwooya , Bugulumbya Subcounty in Kamuli District,” wrote Kadaga.

“I also received 250 iron sheets from Office of the Prime Minister to repair Buwooya Primary school, which together with the Health Center II had equally been devastated by hailstorm.”

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja has opened up on reports that she used Karamoja iron sheets to roof her hotels. (Read Story HERE).

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