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Kadaga: I’m the one keeping Museveni in power and protecting Bobi Wine

President Museveni, Speaker Kadaga, and MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine. Courtesy Photos

In her recently launched bid to retain her role as Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga continued to seek support from MPs over the weekend.

It was pomp and glamour as MPs from Busoga unanimously pledged support for her bid during a meeting at Hotel Africana in Kampala on Sunday, March 28.

This particular meeting attracted MPs from NRM, and opposition.

Independents were also in attendance.

Among these, Bugiri Municipality MP Asuman Basalirwa stood out as he both seemed to grill the speaker to explain herself on her role in the contentious 2017 Constitutional amendment on age limit yet at the same time showering her praises as a heaven-sent speaker.

“Madam Speaker, I want you to explain yourself on a video recording circulating on social media where you are heard saying that man Museveni wouldn’t be in power had it not been you,” submitted Basalirwa.

“You know me as a fellow Musoga, whenever I am there with my fellow opposition MPs asking them to vote for you, they keep bringing it up.”

In a typical Kadaga style, the Speaker didn’t deny the allegations.

She said it was a fact that Museveni’s current survival is largely been dependent on her efforts and wisdom.

In the same vein, she reminded Basalirwa – who had told her point blank that Kyagulanyi, and not Museveni was his president – that it’s her still that had “protected Bobi Wine” and that they should always remember that.

Seemingly convinced by the submission, Basalirwa hailed Kadaga as a pillar in the country that the eleventh parliament should strive to protect at all costs.

He thus asked fellow members to fight tooth and nail to make sure victory comes to her come May 20.

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