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Kadaga Absent as Speaker Oulanyah Roars in Her Kamuli Backyard

Kadaga and Oulanyah

Former speaker of Parliament and Kamuli District Woman MP Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga skipped a recent event where her former deputy and successor Jacob Oulanyah attended Duwa Prayers of a fallen MP.

While speaking at Duwa prayers for the late Kamuli Municipality MP, Hon. Rehema Watongola, Oulanyah called on the MPs to always work together for the growth and development of the region.

Speaker Oulanyah also committed his support to the Busoga Parliamentary Caucus as the organization seeks to develop the region.

“The Members of Parliament from Busoga should unite and speak with one voice because it is easier to listen to you when you speak as one,” said Oulanyah.

“The Hon Salaam Musumba was asking me to work on roads and internet connectivity, but I cannot do that without you. Let us go back and start the process because I am ready to do what I am supposed to do,” Oulanyah said.

The Speaker eulogized the late Watongola as a great legislator who made good comradeship during her time in Parliament, and thanked the family for standing together after her passing.

Oulanyah called for celebration saying that a new person in Hon. Baroda Watongola, the Woman MP for Kamuli Municipality has been born.

“When someone else comes in 2026 for the position, please respond that no vacancy,” Oulanyah rallied.

He urged the people of Kamuli to support all of Government programmes which will ease service delivery as well as fulfillment of presidential pledges.

“Please remind everyone that the elections are over. What is left is the work which is to transform the life of the ordinary Ugandan. We should also focus on uplifting the girl child because they are the future of the nation,” said the Speaker.

The prayers were also attended by the Third Deputy Prime Minister, Hon Rukia Nakadama and Minister for General Duties in the Prime Minister’s Office, Hon Justine Kasule Lumumba.

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