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Kabuleta Sues Byabakama’s EC over Scientific Election Roadmap

Joseph Kabuleta, the Watchman Ministries Pastor.

Pastor Joseph Kabuleta of Watchman Ministries dragged Uganda’s Electoral Commission (EC) and its Chairperson Justice Simon Mugenyi Byabakama to court over the revised electoral roadmap.

Announced on June 16 at the EC headquarters in Kampala, the new schedule for the 2021 elections bans political rallies.

Candidates are expected to use the media to campaign.

It is this proposal that irked Kabuleta, known for kissing Prophet Elvis Mbonye’s shoes, and for getting into trouble with President Yoweri Museveni’s family members over his social media rants.

From the guidelines the EC has issued, the election campaign and polling would culminate into what many political observers have termed ‘scientific elections.’

According to Kabuleta, who some claim has political ambitions, the EC blundered by releasing a roadmap with new guidelines yet it had not consulted political players.

“The said revised roadmap, in the guise of observing Covid19 public health guidelines, not only threatens but violates the citizens’ fundamental constitutional rights to vote, to elect their leaders and also to participate in public affairs,” Kabuleta wrote to Byabakama on June 17.

Kabuleta had instructed his lawyers of Walyemera & Company Advocates to take further legal action against the EC if Byabakama fails to convene a meeting of all stakeholders to discuss “the most appropriate way forward on how to transparently carry out election activities in this period” within two days from June 17.  

A former sports reporter, Kabuleta used his Twitter account to further explain why he thinks the ‘scientific election’ won’t make sense.

“The Presidential, Parliamentary and LC Elections [laws] do not allow for ‘scientific’ elections,” wrote Kabuleta.

“For the EC to consult with Museveni then seek to dictate to other candidates is mockery of an election process. Candidate Museveni has to be equal to all other candidates.”

In response, the Commission has heaped blame on Parliament, insisting it is not the EC’s mandate to make laws.

After the expiry of his ultimatum, Kabuleta filed a suit in the High Court challenging the roadmap on June 19.

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