Kabasharira Breaks Silence On Tanga Odoi’s Declaration Of Rukutana As Rushenyi Election Winner - The Pearl Times Kabasharira Breaks Silence On Tanga Odoi’s Declaration Of Rukutana As Rushenyi Election Winner - The Pearl Times

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Kabasharira breaks silence on Tanga Odoi’s declaration of Rukutana as Rushenyi election winner

Rukutana, Kabasharira nd Tanga Odoi. Courtesy photos

Naome Kabasharira has spoken out on National Resistance Movement (NRM) Electoral Commission (EC) chairperson Dr Fred Tanga Odoi’s declaration of junior labour minister Mwesigwa Rukutana as winner of Ntungamo District’s Rushenyi County NRM primary election.

On September 23, exactly 19 days since NRM primaries happened across the country, party Tanga Odoi declared Rukutana the 2021 parliamentary flag bearer for Rushenyi County in Ntungamo District.

The results, announced after a recount, indicated that Rukutana beat Kabasharira with only 20 votes.

Rukutana, MP since 1993, polled 25,310 against Kabasharira’s 25,290 votes, according to results announced at the NRM offices in Kampala.

“I therefore declare Mwesigwa Rukutana who has polled the highest number of votes representing 46.27 per cent as the duly elected NRM flag bearer for Rushenyi constituency Member of Parliament,” Tanga Odoi announced.

Tanga Odoi’s results mean that those declared by Ntungamo NRM election officer Maria Mirembe weeks ago are null and void.

According to Mirembe’s results, Kabasharira had garnered 24,006 votes while Rukutana had managed 23,966.

In a statement issued after Tanga Odoi’s declaration, Kabasharira accused the NRM EC of bias, but called for calm and patience.

Her hope is now in how Tanga Odoi will resolve the dispute surrounding results from Nyakahita Cell, Ruyonza 1, and Rwakibira.

A decision on these is expected on September 30.


I am both humbled and honored to all of you men, women and youth who set out Friday September 4th and Saturday 5th to cast your vote, where you overwhelmingly placed your confidence and support in me.

Rushenyi, more than ever before has shown the world that the power to choose the leaders they want belongs to them and I thank each of you friends for your resilience, sacrifice and support. 

You and I know who the winner of Rushenyi election is.

While the declaration of this election results did not turn out the way we had hoped, I continue to appeal and say to you that the struggle is not over yet.

I thank for your patience and continue to request you to remain patient and calm as due processes are followed.

Our supporters have been beaten, injured, bruised, intimidated and violence meted on them but we have still remained strong, United and focused, for sure Rushenyi’s future is brighter.

We pray for quick recovery for those who are still nursing injuries from the violence by our colleague.

Like many of you are aware, there is a pending petition, where we challenge the election results presented by the electoral commission from Nyakahita cell, Ruyonza 1,Rwakibira and other areas and we wait for its proper disposal, a date of which has been scheduled this coming Wednesday September 30, 2020.

Our colleagues from Nyakahita know very well what happened on voting day. I stand with you in such a moment when you are deprived of your right to vote and have a leader of your choice.

It’s disappointing to see that even when we protested the inclusion of the forged DR forms, it appears the Electoral commission had already decided on what they wanted to do.

It is regrettable that we had to wait this long for their decision. I feel your pain and I know God equally feels and knows your prayers for a better Rushenyi. Let us be patient a little longer in such.

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