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Kabaka Youths Warn Museveni: Buganda Will Break Away from Uganda If You Allow Kooki to Secede from Buganda

Kamuswaga, Museveni and Kabaka. Courtesy Photos

Youths under the Buganda Youth Council (Olukiko Lwabavubuka Ttabamiruka) have issued a range of threats against President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni’s government, claiming that the state was backing Kamuswaga Apollo Sansa Kabumbuli II to engineer the breakaway of Kooki from Buganda Kingdom.

The most serious of the threats is the rather careless assertion that Mengo would breakaway from the rest of Uganda if the Museveni state and government does not stop Kooki from seceding from Buganda Kingdom.

Led by the Buganda Youth Council Chairperson Baker Ssejjengo, Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II’s young men and women say that as far as they are concerned, the border arch recently established by Kooki is simply “Indicative of an Entry Point into a Non-Existent Kooki Kingdom” and that it is “deceptive.”

Ssejjengo and his colleagues insisted that Kkooki was well under Buganda Kingdom and that they would not look on as their Kabaka’s territory was being stolen by a group of people they allege are being backed by state players.

The Buganda Youth Council even went to the point of, again carelessly, threatening the Museveni state, saying that even when the regime in Kampala has arms, the Mengo youths have the numbers and commitment to defend themselves.

“This act is totally intolerable and unacceptable as the traditional leadership of Kkooki has always been known as Obwakaamuswaga, which is part and parcel of Buganda Kingdom. This most recent escalation of matters strongly hints on the involvement of State players and that squarely places the regime as being in cahoots with elements that seek to disfigure Buganda Kingdom,” wrote Ssejjengo in a statement issued in two languages, English and Luganda.

“While these rogue characters might possess guns, we have the resolve, numbers and time on our side. Let our patience and calmness not be misconstrued as weakness and cowardice.”

Emphasizing that Kooki (or Kkooki) was part of Buganda, Ssejjengo and his fellow Buganda Youth Council members threatened to cause the secession of Buganda from Uganda if Kamuswaga effectively secedes from Mengo’s administration.

“We inform all and sundry who wish to listen that Kkooki is a polity well recognized as part of Buganda. Being a people who respect the law, we await any indication of a move to have Kkooki secede from Buganda whereof we too shall consider to do the same with Uganda,” Ssejjengo threatened.

The Buganda Youth Council also warned that they would considers travel sanctions against the Kooki Kamuswaga, including not allowing him to step foot in some counties of Buganda unless Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II has granted him permission.

“We further caution the concerned culprits that we might as well be compelled to make such unpleasant demands as requiring the Kaamuswaga and his accomplices to always first seek permission from Buganda in order to have access to Buddu, Butambala and Mawokota and other counties,” they wrote.

“We however do not wish to take that path as we are not about to sink that low, and at that demand that sanity and logic ought to return in the way the prevailing issues are being handled.”

They also warned that Kkooki’s actions might cause mayhem, which should be avoided.

“At 60 years of Independence, it is shameful that we still have squabbles as to who belongs where, yet that was the very root cause of initial political instability in Uganda,” the youths wrote. “We sternly warn the culprits to desist from these deceptive and unfounded acts in Kkooki to circumvent the mayhem which is likely to ensue.”

The youths also said they would make consultations on the way forward.

“Meanwhile, we have embarked on reaching out to several stakeholders including Buganda Parliamentary Caucus, prominent personalities from Kkooki, senior citizens of Uganda, Inter Religious Council of Uganda, National Youth Council, all registered political parties in Uganda as well as the East African Legislative Assembly to intervene accordingly,” they further wrote.

The Kabaka’s youths’ anger was sparked by a decision by Kamuswaga and Kkooki to establish a border arch, indicating that they have broken away from Buganda and become an independent and new kingdom. (Read Story Here).

Kooki’s latest move to break away from Buganda comes at a time some Baganda have expressed worry over the Kabaka’s health condition. (Read Story Here).

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