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Kabaka Set to Meet His Doctors for Medical Checkup in Europe

Kabaka Mutebi

The king of Buganda Kingdom, Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi, is expected to undergo medical checkups during his trip to Europe. 

As we reported yesterday, Kabaka Mutebi is out of the country. (Read Story Here).

While in Europe in coming days, the kabaka is expected to meet Buganda kingdom partners. (Read Story Here).

According to katikkiro (prime minister) Charles Peter Mayiga, the king will also meet his doctors for an assessment of his health.

“His [the kabaka’s] health is also assessed whenever he is abroad. But as I have always told you even in Uganda, the issues of the kabaka’s health are handled with great care and expertise,” explained Mayiga before the kabaka set off for Europe on March 29.

“But when he is in Europe, the doctors there, in collaboration with the ones in Uganda, consult each other to ensure that the king’s health issues are handled.”

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