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Kabaka reportedly suffering from throat cancer

Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi sick

Buganda Kingdom’s Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi is said to be suffering from throat cancer, unconfirmed reports following confirmation that he was seriously sick have claimed.

The kingdom is yet to issue an official statement on the Kabaka’s heath condition, detailing the disease he is battling and what steps are being taken to save his life.

But some have rushed to claim he could be suffering from throat cancer, given the scenes captured in videos showing the kabaka seemingly struggling with something in his throat.

“A friend I contacted who works in a Nairobi hospital where the kabaka was admitted says he was on a treatment of throat cancer. We pray for his life and my God protect him,” claimed a one Keith on Twitter.

But if Keith’s allegation seems like mere speculation. In any case, if his source is credible, then the doctor in question flouted confidentiality and privacy rules.

Pearl Times News treats this line of thought as speculation until such a time when the kabaka or kingdom officials authorized to speak on his behalf have made clear what the king is suffering from.

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