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JUST IN: Ebola Confirmed in Jinja, Two People Dead


Uganda’s Ministry of Health (MoH) has confirmed a case of the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) in Jinja District, increasing the number of districts that have confirmed cases and deaths related to the viral haemorrhagic fever. 

The Health Ministry declared the outbreak of the Ebola in Uganda on September 20, 2022 after confirmation of a case in Mubende. It is said that weeks before the formal announcement of an outbreak, there had been deaths that followed Ebola-like symptoms but people said these deaths were due to witchcraft.

Ebola has continued to spread across the country, with about 10 districts having confirmed cases. Jinja District now becomes the latest district to record cases of Ebola Virus Disease.

The Jinja case is in Buyengo Sub County’s Kayalwe B Village. The second case is related to a probable Ebola death. The deceased had left Rubaga for Jinja before dying on November 03, 2022, about 10 days later. He would infect his brother who has also since passed on and was laid to rest on Saturday, November 12.

“A confirmed fatal Ebola case has been reported in Kayalwe B village, Buyengo sub-county, Jinja district. This was a 45-year-old male who is linked to a probable case, his brother,” said Health Minister Dr Jane Ruth Aceng Ocero on Sunday, November 13.

“The brother, who is linked to the Rubaga cluster travelled to Jinja where he was ill for 10 days and passed on the 3rd November 2022. The confirmed fatal case also died at his home on 10th November and was buried on 12th November.”

The ministry has now started on a process of tracing people who could have got in contact with the two cases. Minister Aceng has called for more vigilance and urged Ugandans not to go into hiding if they get in contact with Ebola patients.

“A sample was obtained on the 10th from the dead body, by health workers from St Catherine Medical center, Luzinya Buwenge, a private clinic where he had sought treatment before passing on.  Contact tracing and epidemiological investigations have been activated,” she added.

“Fellow Ugandans, let’s remain vigilant! If you have had contact with an Ebola case, do not run away, report to the nearest public health facility.”

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Education has announced the official date for the early closure of all Ugandan schools as a way of preventing the spread of Ebola. But opposition leader Dr Kizza Besigye has blasted Minister Janet Museveni over the move for the early closure of schools, telling parents to oppose it. (See Details Here and There).


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