UPDATE: Jumia Uganda Fires Back At UCC For Listing It Among Illegal Courier Operators - The Pearl Times UPDATE: Jumia Uganda Fires Back At UCC For Listing It Among Illegal Courier Operators - The Pearl Times

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UPDATE: Jumia Uganda Fires Back at UCC for Listing it Among Illegal Courier Operators

Ron Kawamara

 Jumia Uganda has spoken out on a decision by Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) to list the e-commerce company among nearly 50 entities illegally offering courier services in the country. 

The list published by UCC in local print media on September 15 also includes Glovo, Safe Boda and a number of bus companies accused of offering courier services without a license from the Commission.

Now, Jumia Uganda has hit back at the courier services regulator, calling for the retraction of the notice run in newspapers on Thursday.

Jumia Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Ron Kawamara says that as an e-commerce platform linking sellers to buyers, the company works with certified third party logistics firms to make deliveries.

Kawamara also reiterated Jumia Uganda’s commitment to obeying the laws of Uganda.

“Reference is made to the public notice published by Uganda Communications Commission in the Daily Monitor dated 15th September, 2022 in which Jumia Uganda is listed among ‘illegal’ courier operators.  We wish to clarify and state that Jumia operates an e-commerce platform, connecting vendors to consumers across Uganda,” wrote Kawamara in a holding statement issued by Jumia.

“In operating the platform, Jumia relies on licensed third party service providers for support on the logistics infrastructure that is the supply of delivery services. As Jumia, we remain committed and continue to operate within the set regulatory framework of Uganda.”

Labelling the statement defamatory, Kawamara also urged UCC to retract the notice published in the papers with immediate effect.

“We therefore call upon the Uganda Communications Commission to retract the defamatory statement in the above named publication immediately,” the CEO wrote.

The list of illegal Courier Operators as released by UCC is Here.

Meanwhile, UCC has also closed 24 radio stations. (See Their Names and Reasons why They were Closed HERE).

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