Juliana Kanyomozi Clears Air On Rumors That Gen Muhoozi Is Her Son’s Father - The Pearl Times Juliana Kanyomozi Clears Air On Rumors That Gen Muhoozi Is Her Son’s Father - The Pearl Times

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Juliana Kanyomozi Clears Air on Rumors that Gen Muhoozi is Her Son’s Father

That Rumor Was Strange -- Juliana Kanyomozi

Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba and Juliana Kanyomozi

Singer Juliana Kanyomozi says she found rumors that first son Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba, President Yoweri Museveni’s son, was the father of her child, Baby Taj, strange.

Speculation on who Baby Taj’s father was, spread like wildfire as Juliana kept her fans guessing. Among the names put forward were that of Museveni’s son and a prominent city pastor.

While the veteran singing diva could stand some rumors, she says she found the one linking Baby Taj to Gen Muhoozi weird.

Featuring on Tusker Malt’s ConverSessions at the weekend, Julian said she could not “even explain how I felt.”

She added: “I found it very disrespectful for me and the first son. I had never met him physically in my entire life. I just met him recently in Soroti. I found [the fact that people linked him to Baby Taj] wild.”

She went on to castigate those that spread the Muhoozi rumors, reminding them to always think about the impact of such bizarre allegations.

“People run with what can bring them likes, shares and attention. They make up stuff in order to trend. They do not realize that these rumors affect people’s personal lives,” she said, confirming that her husband and family members read the rumors.

She was also unhappy that her fans have refused or failed to understand that her man prefers his privacy. For now, she says she is “in a very happy place” and she does not “feel like sharing [the identity of her husband] publicly.”

Juliana has previously said she will reveal the father of her child at the right time. (See Details Here and There).

Gen Muhoozi is married to former minister Sam Kutesa’s daughter Charlotte and has threatened to deal with anyone attacking her. (See Details Here and There).

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