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JUICY SALARY INCREMENTS! Good News for Prosecutors & All Employees Under DPP Abodo as their Salaries are Increased in New Salary Structure (See How Much)

President Museveni and DPP Abodo

President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni has fulfilled his promise to prosecutors and all other officials under Jane Frances Abodo’s Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP) after these public officers’ salaries were increased by huge margins, according to the recently released salary structure for the current (2022-2023) Financial Year. 

In April 2022, while presiding over the 5th Joan Kagezi Lecture in Kampala, Museveni promised to increase salaries of prosecutors and to fill all the staffing gaps in the ODPP.

Then, Museveni argued that government would establish timelines within which 500 more prosecutors will be recruited to support the current 300. He also noted that it was not a good idea to recruit more prosecutors before making sure that the salaries of the existing employees have been increased.

Museveni said that instead of recruiting more prosecutors and pay them poorly, he had decided that the current 300 prosecutors be paid well and overworked, adding that he was sure that with their stomachs full, DPP Abodo’s prosecutors would put in the necessary efforts.

And now, Museveni’s government has done just that. Except for Abodo, the Director of Public Prosecutions, who salary has been maintained at Shs22.5m (22,500,000), the other officials have been given huge pay enhancments.

The salary of a Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions has been raised from Shs 13.86m (13,860,000) to Shs20m (20,000,000) while the salary of a Principal Assistant Director of Public Prosecutions has been increased from Shs8.762m (8,762,800) to Shs13.8m (13,800,000).

From Shs8m (8,027,400), a Senior Assistant Director of Public Prosecutions will now be earning Shs12.5m (12,500,000) every month, while from Shs7.8m (7,828,704), an Assistant Director of Public Prosecutions will be pocketing Shs10.5m (10,500,000) on a monthly basis.

The salary of a Chief State Attorney has also been raised from Shs7.8m (7,828,704) to Shs9.8m (9,800,000) while that of a Senior Principal State Attorney has been increased  from Shs5.2m  (5,168,880) to Shs8.6m (8,590,000).

From about Shs4.4m (4,356,720), a Principal State Attorney will now be earning Shs6.5m (6,500,000).

A Senior State Attorney or Senior Principal State Prosecutor has had his or her salary increased from Shs3.3m (3,322,512) to Shs5.6m (5,600,000) while that of a
State Attorney or Principal State Prosecutor has been increased from Shs2.7m (2,730,240) to Shs5.2m (5,200,000).

A Senior State Prosecutor will start earning Shs3.5m (3,500,000) every month up from Shs1.7m (1,706,000), while a State Prosecutor will be earning Shs3m (3,000,000) every month up from Shs1m (1,006,400).

You can see the full salary structure for the 2022-2023 Financial Year for all government employees HERE.

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