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JUICY DEAL: Forget About Margaret Muhanga’s Goats, President Ramaphosa Sells Bull He Bought from Museveni at Shs455m

Musevenis bull

President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni has revealed that a bull he sold to South African President Cyril Ramaphosa a few years ago was sold to CAF President Dr Patrice Motsepe for a whopping Shs455m.

In his attempt to convince Ugandans to take cattle keeping seriously, Museveni explained why there was a lot of demand for local breeds of cattle and profit in these animals.

“On the weekend, I was in Kisozi to see the cattle z’obujajja (ancestral cattle – enshugyi). These cattle are, really, so wonderful!! It was so dry, but they were still managing, as you can see in the pictures. The exotic ones would not survive,” narrated Museveni.

“Besides, these cattle are, apparently, in high demand abroad. Why? On account of what we found out long ago, but which was not publicized enough. They have the best and safest beef. Why? They are the only cattle with yellow fat, which is low in cholesterol. All the other cattle have white fat that has cholesterol. Their milk has also got better cream.”

The president revealed that CAF boss Motsepe had revealed to him that he bought one of the 43 cows that Ramaphosa bought from him at 120,000 United States Dollars.

“Mr Motsepe of the Confederation of African Football Association, only the other day came to tell me about football affairs. However, he also told me that, recently, he bought an Ankole bull from H.E. Ramaphosa, who bought 43 cows from me some years ago, at the price of USD 120,000 (One Hundred and Twenty Thousand United States Dollars) for that bull,” claimed Museveni. “Talking of unknowingly sitting on gold!! There you are. I always stand for many good things in African obujajja (heritage), including karo (millet) and muhogo (cassava).”

The Shs455 million per bull revelation has reminded some Ugandans of now junior minister Margaret Muhanga, who in 2016 claimed that he had sold her goats and cows to buy 23 acres of Uganda Broadcasting Corporation (UBC) land in Bugolobi at Shs10.2bn, the money she claimed to have delivered as hard cash.

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