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Judiciary fires back at Bobi Wine over petition withdrawal: Courts can’t only be good when they rule in your favor, stop playing politics

Uganda’s judiciary has castigated National Unity Platform (NUP) leader Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine for ordering his lawyers to withdraw a presidential election petition he had filed in the Supreme Court, over alleged bias of the judges.

On February 22, Bobi Wine announced he was withdrawing his petition from the Supreme Court.

But the judiciary and respondent Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni’s lawyers are yet to receive formal communication from Bobi Wine’s lawyers, and expect him to follow the withdrawal process as stipulated in the law.

According to the judiciary’s principal communications officer Solomon Muyita, Bobi Wine is playing political games and should know that the courts are fair since he was won some cases.

Solomon Muyita. Courtesy Photo

“I know deep down in his heart, he knows the courts are doing the right thing. Sometimes you get things other times, you don’t. I know that Kyagulanyi knows he is just playing politics,” said Muyita Tuesday morning.

“Politicians say whatever suits them. Hon. Kyagulanyi has been in our courts about three times before this petition, and he won. We didn’t hear him complain then. People have confidence in the courts. We receive more and more cases every year. People know it is the only place to find justice. We aren’t very bothered about statements coming from politicians.”

Muyita labelled Bobi Wine’s decision to withdraw the case ‘funny’ but said they judiciary would wait for an official notice for withdrawal.

“It is just funny that a petitioner says many things around the matter then opts to withdraw,” Muyita told NBS’ Morning Breeze on February 23.

“We are waiting for them to follow the formalities as they are in the law. The parties have today up until Friday to appear. The talk is just out there until we have an official withdrawal. We shall receive the Kyagulanyi team if they show up today.”

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