Home Entertainment Jose Chameleone silences haters claiming he’s on verge of breakup with Daniella

Jose Chameleone silences haters claiming he’s on verge of breakup with Daniella

Chameleone praises Daniella for her endless love

Chameleone and Daniella
Chameleone and Daniella. Courtesy photo

Singer Joseph Mayanja aka Jose Chameleone of Leone Island has silenced boss Joseph Mayanja aka Jose Chameleone has left haters silent after hailing his wife Daniela Atim for her love despite reports his marriage was on the rocks.

Weeks ago, several reports relied on a leaked audio in which someone believed to be Daniella and her friend are talking about the singer’s marriage.

In the audio, Daniella says her marriage with Chameleone, the Kampala mayoral aspirant, collapsed years ago.

Daniella is also heard saying she now respects and relates with Chameleone as the father of their children.

“It is over. I still respect him as the father of my children but Jose can no longer be my husband or let’s say, I can no longer be his wife,” Daniella is heard saying.

It later emerged that the audio was indeed that of Daniella, who currently lives in the US where her husband bought a house.

That was not the first time the Chameleone-Daniella marriage experienced storms.

Chameleone had remained coy on Daniella’s leaked audio.

But in a social media post published on September 23, the ‘Baliwa’ singer praised Daniella for her love, something that could have driven haters nuts.

Chameleone praised Daniella for her strength and persistence.

 “You said yes, when even life has said NO! You are a very special soul and I stay strong because I know you will always be there. Strong Acholi mother from Adilang. Much love mama,” Chameleone wrote.

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