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STOP THIS HABIT! Janet Museveni Angry With School Bosses Who Keep Students in Class Beyond 5PM

Education minister Janet Museveni

First lady and education minister Janet Museveni has directed heads of schools to stop holding pupils and students beyond 5pm. 

Addressing reporters at State House Nakasero on May 04, Minister Ms Museveni made it clear that “children should not be at school after 5pm.”

Ms Museveni also directed teachers to ensure that “children are off the school compound by 5pm.”

She also complained about students being taken to school early.

“As a parent and an elder in this nation, I am very concerned about burdening our children to sleep late and wake up early all because of school work. It is not uncommon to hear or see school shuttles picking children from their homes at 4:30 a.m. to drop them at school before 7 a.m,” she said.

“This child who has been dropped at school before 7 a.m.; sometimes with hardly any breakfast because they woke up in a hurry, stays at school until 7:30p.m. I am meant to understand that some Day Schools have even been keeping learners at school way beyond 8 p.m. – and then you let these young people walk home! By the time this child is done with homework, having dinner, and going to bed, it is way after 10p.m. And the cycle is repeated the next day.”

The first lady also explained the dangers of depriving children enough rest and sleep.

“Unknown to the parent, guardian, or teacher, you are negatively affecting the mental, physical, and spiritual health of this young person. Scientists tell us that these young people who are below 18 years require between 8 to 10 hours of sleep,” she noted.

“Not having enough sleep not only contributes to poor performance in school, but is also associated with overweight, less engagement in physical activity, depression, engagement in risky behaviors like consumption of illicit drugs, drinking, and smoking tobacco among others. Therefore, I want to call upon all Headteachers of Pre-primary, Primary, and Secondary Schools, to review your practices in these schools.”

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