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JAKANA NADDULI BURIAL CHAOS: Security Agencies Ordered to Arrest ‘Hooligans’ Who Beat Up NRM Activist Majambere Like a Chicken Thief

Individual mourners involved in the chaotic scenes that played out during the burial on Monday of Jakana Sulayiman Nadduli might sooner fall in trouble with the Ugandan state security agencies after the Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC) recommended that a probe into the mayhem as well as the arrest of those involved. 

A National Human Rights Institution (NHRI) that is constitutionally mandated to protect and promote human rights Uganda, the Uganda Human Rights Commission monitors the human rights situation in the country and makes recommendations to the relevant stakeholders. The Commission is known to pronounce itself on critical emerging human rights issues and offering guidance to the country on the issues. But UHRC has on some occasions been accused of not being as vocal regarding issues concerning Ugandan opposition.

According to UHRC Chairperson Mariam Wangadya, the Commission is concerned about the chaos that happened at the home of former minister without portfolio Hajj Abdul Nadduli in Nakaseke District. Wangadya said the chaos was an act of hooliganism, intolerance and mob justice with potential to degenerate into lawlessness.

“On Tuesday 25 October 2022, the Commission and indeed the country witnessed ugly images of video clips of a violent scuffle that ensued during the burial ceremony of Jakana Sulaiman Nadduli, the son of Mzee Abdul Nadduli, in Kaddunda village, Semuto, Nakaseke District, which culminated in chaos and mayhem. The incident which involved a mob of alleged mourners violently assaulting another; a one Ivan Kamuntu Majambere for reasons not yet established by the Commission, is of concern to us, given its human rights implications. The Commission has learned that the victim suffered severe body injuries,” said Wangadya.

“The Commission is appalled by the violent actions and indecent behavior exhibited by a section of mourners. The Commission condemns the incident which not only disrupted the burial ceremony, but also infringed on the rights of the family and others present to mourn their loved one in peace. We further condemn such acts of intolerance among the citizens and call for respect for divergent views. Such acts of hooliganism are undoubtedly characteristic of the abhorred incidents of mob action, which if left unchecked could escalate into lawlessness.”

She added: “The Commission has severally voiced concerns on incidents of mob action because of their negative effects on the enjoyment of human rights. Mob action infringes on the victim’s right to presumption of innocence until proven guilty by a competent Court. It also results into acts of torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment and many times results into loss of life which has far reaching consequences on the families of victims.”

The Commission has made a number of recommendations, including the need to bring to book those found to have had a hand in the chaos. The commission further made recommendations for Uganda Police and all Ugandans.

“The Commission calls on law enforcement agencies to carry out expeditious investigations into the incident, with a view to apprehending and charging those who perpetrated the violence. Police should also strengthen its community policing and neighborhood watch programs across the country in order to forestall acts of criminality like the one in question, from communities. The Commission reiterates its commitment to performing its constitutional mandate, including Monitoring the human rights situation in the country and making interventions for improvement and to ensure the protection and promotion of human rights and freedoms in the country,” she further wrote.

“We hereby enjoin all citizens of Uganda to fulfill their duty to promote the rule of law and to cooperate with lawful agencies in the maintenance of law and order among the other duties listed therein in accordance with article 17 of the Constitution. We specifically call on citizens to desist from violence and hooliganism as a way of expressing discontent, but rather pursue peaceful means of resolving disagreements. We appeal to the general public to be law-abiding and uphold the rule of law at all times to foster an environment of respect for human rights for all.”

Chaos erupted during Jakana Nadduli’s burial when NRM Mobilizer Majambere was beaten by angry mourners, like a chicken thief. Former minister Abdul Nadduli was rushed away from the chaotic scene amidst the chaos. (Watch Videos Here and There).

Meanwhile, Museveni has ordered for an investigation into what exactly killed Jakana Nadduli. (Read Story Here).

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