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Oulanyah and Nathan Okori

Nathan Okori, the father of Jacob Oulanyah, the late former speaker of parliament, has told mourners at the burial of his son in Omoro District that his son was poisoned.

“I am not mourning in vain. I want to state clearly that Jacob was poisoned. He told me and  that he was operated as doctors attempted to deal with poison,” said Okori.

“The poison affected his health so badly and by time he as flown out he was not in position to recover.”

Speaker Oulanyah died on March 20. (Read Story Here).

Oulanyah’s body was returned on April 01 amidst tears at the Entebbe International Airport. (Read Story Here).

The former speaker’s body was taken to his home in Muyenga, Kampala, on April 03. (Read Story Here).

On Tuesday, the body was brought to parliament where MPs paid tribute to Oulanyah.

The MPs also agreed on an annual Jacob Oulanyah Memorial Day. (Read Story Here).

On April 06, Oulanyah’s body was taken to Kololo Independence Grounds for a national funeral service.

At Kololo, family members allowed MPs to view Oulanyah’s body. (Read Story Here).

His body was flown to Omoro on April 06. (Read Story Here).

On April 07, regional local government councils convened a special sitting to pay tribute to Oulanyah.

According to the burial program, Oulanyah will be laid to rest in Lalogi, Omoro District, today, April 08.

This was not the first time, Okori was telling mourners that Oulanyah was poisoned.

Shortly after the former speaker’s demise, Okori told some mourners that his son did not die of natural causes, but was poisoned. (Read Story Here).

But Museveni ordered for the arrest of people claiming that Oulanyah was poisoned. (Read Story Here).

Earlier, it had been reported that Okori would not be allowed to address mourners.

But he was later given a chance to eulogize his fallen son.

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