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Jacob Oulanyah fires back at Kadaga: You told lies on TV for 30 minutes

Deputy speaker of Parliament Jacob Oulanyah has responded to his boss and nemesis Rebecca Kadaga who attacked him days ago, saying she told lies on public TV for 30 minutes.

During the launch of her campaign at Speke Resort Munyonyo on March 24, Kadaga claimed Oulanyah had failed to steer the House during the age limit debate.

She also claimed her deputy had chosen foreign trips over chairing parliamentary sessions.


But while appearing on NBS Television’s Thursday night Frontline show to discuss the ‘Evolution of Democracy in East Africa’ and ‘Magufuli’s leadership style,’ Oulanyah took a swipe at Kadaga, saying she had told lies, and that most of these didn’t deserve his response.

“You go on public television and for 30 minutes you tell lies!” wondered Oulanyah.

“Some of the things that were said were unfortunate. I don’t have to respond to some of them.”

Oulanyah also denied running away from the age limit debate.

“Did I run away? Of course not. Why would I run away? I have dealt with more difficult things than this,” he said, after explaining how Kadaga had insisted on handling the Bill herself.

That Kadaga herself had advised that Oulanyah guides the members to discuss another issue and leave the age limit debate for her. That she would handle it the following week she returned from abroad.

But, Oulanyah further explained, MPs had turned up in big numbers expecting to discuss and vote the age limit bill, and refused to discuss anything else — forcing the deputy speaker to adjourn the House.

He also denied hating Kadaga.

“I actually don’t have a problem with the speaker. We only have a challenge with the way we do work.”

He added that he has always chosen not to discuss her disagreements with Kadaga, President Museveni or any other public official in public.

“I prefer to deal with the issues out of the public,” he said.

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