IT’S OVER! Babu Owino’s Message to Raila Odinga Leaves Azimio Supporters in Tears Ahead of Supreme Court Ruling

Babu Owino and Raila Odinga. Courtesy Photos

Sworn Raila Odinga supporter Babu Owino’s message barely an hour before the time the Supreme Court of Kenya has set to deliver its judgement in the 2022 presidential election petition has left Azimio La Umoja supporters in tears. 

The Supreme Court led by its president Chief Justice Martha Koome is expected to deliver its judgement today.

But minutes before the court sits to present the much-awaited verdict, Babu Owino, the Embakasi East MP, said Raila Odinga had been conned.

Owino said Raila will remain a hero in his heart.

The youthful and vocal MP also seemed to suggest that Odinga’s struggle would continue even after the supreme judgement.

“BABA, you will forever be my Hero. They played you all along. It was a LONG CON. We live to fight another day,” wrote Owino.

Earlier, Denis Onsarigo, the Press Secretary of the Raila Odinga Presidential Campaign Secretariat, thanked Azimio La Umoja supporters and asked the coalition party’s ‘detractors’ to ‘relax.’

“To all our supporters across the country and around the world. ASANTE!” wrote Onsarigo ahead of the ruling.

Meanwhile, William Ruto has said he is confident that the Supreme Court will rule in his favour. Ruto called for prayers for Uhuru Kenyatta so that God will give him the wisdom to effect a smooth transition. (Read Story Here).

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