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IT’S FINISHED! Museveni Government Confirms Scrapping, Merger of Agencies (See Who’s Affected)

Rationalisation of Government Agencies (Repeals and Amendments) Bill Gazetted

President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni writing

It was only a matter of time before President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni’s government to start on the process of rationalization, merging and scrapping of agencies and departments to cut unnecessary spending, free money and invest in development projects and programs.

After years of back and forth, including lobbying by those who did not want ‘their agencies’ touched, cabinet has finalized the Rationalisation of Government Agencies (Repeals and Amendments) Bill.

The bill was gazetted on October 6, 2023, it has emerged. The piece of legislation will make possible the repeal of Acts of Parliament that created affected agencies.

For example, there will be amendments to the Uganda National Roads Authority Act, 2006 will the view of placing the Allen Kagina-led agency under the Ministry of Works and Transports as a department. Once the Rationalisation of Government Agencies (Repeals and Amendments) Bill has become an act, the piece of legislation that made it effective will be deleted from Uganda’s law books.

Government hopes to save Shs1.3tn through the rationalization exercise as money, previously spent on salaries that rendered public service pay scales useless, and in administrative costs, will be freed.

Affected Agencies

Merged Entity Parent Ministry
Non Performing Assets Recovery Trust, the Board of Trustees and the Sinking Fund Finance
Karamoja Development Agency Karamoja Affairs
National Records and Archives Agency Public Service
Uganda Trypanosomiasis Control Council Agriculture
Uganda Cotton Development Organisation Agriculture
Uganda Coffee Development Authority Agriculture
Dairy Development Authority Agriculture
Higher Education Students Financing Board Education
UNRA Works Ministry
Uganda National Meteorological Authority Ministry responsible for  meteorology
Uganda Human Rights Commission & Equal Opportunities Commission Merged into one commission
Uganda Registration Services Bureau Transferred to National Identification and Registration Authority
Uganda Warehouse Receipt System Authority Trade
National lnformation Technology Authority ICT and National Guidance
National Forestry Authority Environment
Departed Asians’ Property Custodian Board Finance
Uganda Microfinance Regulatory Authority Finance
Privatisation Unit Finance
National Curriculum Development Centre Amend Act to include curriculum reforms for PTCs
National Bureau of Non-Governmental Organisations Internal Affairs
National Population Council National Planning Authority
National Physical Planning Board National Planning Authority
Uganda National Commission for UNESCO Education
Uganda Wildlife Conservation Education Center Uganda Wildlife Authority
Uganda Road Fund Works
NAADS Agriculture
Agricultural Chemical Board Agriculture
Children Authority Gender
National Council for Persons with Disabilities National Secretariat for Special Interest Groups
National Women’s Council National Secretariat for Special Interest Groups
National Youth Council National Secretariat for Special lnterest Groups
National Council for Older Persons National Secretariat for Special Interest Groups
Centre for Arbitration and Dispute Resolution Justice
Uganda Free Zones Authority and the Uganda Export Promotions Board merged into single entity: Uganda Free Zones and Export Promotions Authority Trade


Meanwhile, Museveni’s government will pay a lot of money to UNRA bosses for termination of their contracts as the roads agency will be scrapped off. (See Details Here and There).

Editor: We have an update on this story:

NEW TWIST: Parliament Blocks Museveni Proposal on Scrapping of Agencies

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