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IT’S ENDING IN TEARS: Shock as Museveni’s Daughter ‘Drops’ Husband’s Name


One of President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni’s daughters has applied to the National Identification Registration Authority (Nira) seeking to change her official name, with the aim of dropping her husband’s name. 

Born in 1980, Diana Kamuntu Museveni Kyaremera is aged age 42 and is the youngest of President Museveni’s children. Her siblings are Patience Museveni Rwabwogo (married to Odrek Rwabwogo), Natasha Museveni Karugire (married to Edwin Karugire) and Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba (married to Charlotte Nankunda Kutesa Kainerugaba).

Diana Museveni Kyaremera has been married to Geoffrey Kamuntu for nearly two decades. The two met at Natasha Karugire Museveni’s home and things were made easier by the fact that Kamuntu and Karugire were good friends.

Compared to her brother Gen Muhoozi, not so much is known about Diana Kyaremera Museveni. But a magazine article about her life reveals how she met her husband and the time a nervous Kamuntu met Gen museveni, his father-in-law and how the general grilled his son-in-law to ensure that he would not mess up his daughter, the woman running the first family’s several businesses.

“He [Kamuntu] was a friend to my sister’s husband and we met at their house. I was attracted to him because he is very tall and good looking.  He is also calm and easy to get to know,” Diana Museveni Kyaremera was quoted as telling the magazine. “He was more nervous than any of us because my father asks very pointed questions but his composure was very beautiful. My mother, on the other hand, provided support soothing the situation. Besides, he had met her first and they had gotten to know each other.”

Officially married to Kamuntu since 2004, Diana and her husband have been blessed with three children. But if speculation sparked off by her application to drop her husband Kamuntu’s name is anything to go by, then the marriage between Museveni’s daughter and Kampala businessman Kamuntu could be close to ending in premium tears. There is no proof of a divorce yet although some publications are claiming that the two have been living in separate houses.

What we can confirm for now is that Diana Kamuntu has applied to change her name in accordance with the Registration of Persons Act, 2015, and the Registration of Persons (Births and Deaths) Regulations, S.I. No. 68 of 2015.

In a notice of change of name dated September 29, 2022, Diana Kamuntu makes it clear that she intends to change her name from Diana Museveni Kamuntu to Diana Museveni Kyaremera, dropping Kamuntu, her husband’s name.

“NOTICE IS GIVEN THAT I, DIANA MUSEVENI KAMUNTU of P.O. Box 9021, Kampala, intend to apply to the National Identification Registration Authority to change my name to DIANA MUSEVENI KYAREMERA,” wrote Diana Museveni. “I intend to formally and absolutely renounce and abandon the use of the name KAMUNTU and assume and adopt in place of that name the name of KYAREMERA.”

Diana Kamuntu is one of Gen Museveni’s trusted children. Just a few days ago, we reported about how Museveni Diana featured prominently in presidential order in which the head of state and government appointed a senior advisor on Ankole cows and the issue of investors from Qatar. (Read Story Here).

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